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  • Regresamos


    To say we were a little uneasy about crossing the border again would be an understatement. We consoled ourselves with the belief that a traveler’s worst nightmare couldn’t happen twice... Continue reading

  • The show must go on

    The show must go on

    As we were loading the truck and travel trailer for the drive west to pick up our motorcycles in San Diego, we desperately search for Ehren’s phone which has apparently... Continue reading

  • Mexico (the first time)

    Mexico (the first time)

    Morning arrives—we get out of bed, pack up our Pine Valley hotel room and dip into a local diner for a spot of breakfast. The date is May 24 of... Continue reading

  • Deserts and Heat

    Deserts and Heat

    **DISCLAIMER – This entry was originally written May 23, 2017, in our motel room in Pine Valley, California, the night before we crossed the border into Mexico. We saved it... Continue reading