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About The Elefant

‘Follow the Elefant’ made sense to us in a number of ways.

The most obvious one is the kind of motorcycles we ride. They were sold as Ducati E900s in the U.S., but they are actually known as Cagiva Elefants over in Europe and elsewhere. Cagiva owned Ducati at the time of production but Ducati was a more well-known brand stateside, and they featured Ducati engines anyway so it wasn’t too far of a stretch. The Elefants themselves went on to dominate the Dakar Rally for a few years in the mid-90s.

As for the rest of the name, we liked the idea of following as opposed to leading. Traveling effectively is really more about following your instincts, curiosities and your own two feet (or, in our case, our own two wheels). It’s about that desire to be connected to something bigger than oneself—and when you combine that with the actual size of elephants, the tagline practically writes itself.


Hanging out with some falling water in Limekiln State Park on the California coast.