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Remy and Tito lounge on the swamp cooler in the NV heat.

The Cats

Our fuzzballs found us quite unexpectedly during the summer of 2014.

Remy is solid black with golden yellow eyes. He came to us as the last surviving kitten from an abandoned litter discovered on a friend’s ranch (the vet estimated he was about 6-weeks-old). With giant paws and a quirky demeanor, he earned the moniker of ‘Clown Paws’ at an early age. His favorite way to be carried is thrown over your shoulder. He prefers to lounge and watch what others are doing—willingly spending a lot of time in the shop with us, where the loud noises don’t seem to faze him at all.

Tito, our marbled tabby with green eyes, walked up to a friend of ours one day from out of the desert. She called to ask if we wanted another kitten (we had had Remy for about a month-and-a-half at the time) and we agreed. He was cuddly and looked to be similar in age to Remy so we hoped they would become fast friends (they did!). Acrobatic and clever, Tito relishes playtime. His favorite thing to do is dive through his cat tunnel and leap high in the air to get his kitty squid toy. He can be a vocal cat at times (mostly when we are sleeping), but is overall a ball of fun.

We have made arrangements for them to stay with family while we are gone. Fortunately they have proved themselves quite versatile so far, almost too much—we wonder if they would bother to remember us at all!