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  • Pachuca, we thank you

    Pachuca, we thank you

    After some peace and quiet in Michoacán, our plan was to revisit the city of Pachuca—somewhere we had overnighted on our expedited way down to Oaxaca nearly three weeks earlier... Continue reading

  • City in the sky

    City in the sky

    In an attempt to avoid the traffic of downtown Mexico City to the north, we left our Airbnb in Xochimilco heading south through the narrow alleyways and rocky trails of... Continue reading

  • Mexico City mania!

    Mexico City mania!

    It was a Friday in the second week of November when we left Oaxaca with our wheels pointed toward Mexico City. We overnighted in Tehuacan again, but not in the... Continue reading

  • Ancient ruins, mezcal and wrenching

    Ancient ruins, mezcal and wrenching

    (Continuing where we left off in cataloging our 2.5 months in Mexico) We left Pachuca on October 30 with plans to return at some point in the near future and... Continue reading

  • A change for the better

    A change for the better

    Breaking our timeline once again to announce more recent developments in our travel plans. RECAP When we originally left on this trip to Argentina back on May 6, 2017, we... Continue reading

  • The way to Oaxaca

    The way to Oaxaca

    Humming in the back of our minds during our meandering through central Mexico is the prospect of reuniting with some travel friends in Oaxaca for Día de Muertos (which we... Continue reading

  • Northbound and around

    Northbound and around

    North to Durango! We leave Mazatlán bright and early, heading towards the twisty, curvy Espinazo del Diablo (which was the old highway between the two cities before the new one... Continue reading

  • To the mainland!

    To the mainland!

    Wrapping up our beach camping at Playa Santispac, we head south through Loreto (where we stop for gas) and continue inland towards the twin Ciudads, Insurgentes and Constitución. The former... Continue reading

  • Reluctant beach bums in Baja

    Reluctant beach bums in Baja

    After leaving Ensenada we ride south, keeping the Pacific never more than a few miles away. We top off our tanks every 50 miles or so, slightly paranoid about running... Continue reading

  • Día de Muertos

    Día de Muertos

    Breaking continuity here to bring you this somewhat timely post! (And for those who signed up to get updates by email eons ago, we’ve finally got that going so thanks... Continue reading