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  • Regresamos


    To say we were a little uneasy about crossing the border again would be an understatement. We consoled ourselves with the belief that a traveler’s worst nightmare couldn’t happen twice... Continue reading

  • The show must go on

    The show must go on

    As we were loading the truck and travel trailer for the drive west to pick up our motorcycles in San Diego, we desperately search for Ehren’s phone which has apparently... Continue reading

  • Mexico (the first time)

    Mexico (the first time)

    Morning arrives—we get out of bed, pack up our Pine Valley hotel room and dip into a local diner for a spot of breakfast. The date is May 24 of... Continue reading

  • Deserts and Heat

    Deserts and Heat

    **DISCLAIMER – This entry was originally written May 23, 2017, in our motel room in Pine Valley, California, the night before we crossed the border into Mexico. We saved it... Continue reading

  • Getting up to speed

    Getting up to speed

    We are no longer on hiatus and are currently on the road again. We were called back to Minnesota at the end of May due to the loss of Ehren’s... Continue reading

  • I wanna fly like an eagle

    I wanna fly like an eagle

    Hello everyone! For those who are subscribed to get updates, we promise we’ll be sending those out more regularly (as in, we’ll actually start sending them out.. once we figure... Continue reading

  • Finally the time has come…

    Finally the time has come…

    And we’re off on our adventure! It feels somewhat surreal, and we’re definitely still transitioning from “working in the shop” mode to “on the road” mode. Figuring out an efficient... Continue reading

  • Counting down the days

    Counting down the days

    Having just realized the other day that quite a bit of time has passed since our last entry, we thought maybe we should update everyone on our progress: WE ARE... Continue reading

  • Serious frolicking in Florida

    Serious frolicking in Florida

    After spending three days in a truck driving to southern Florida from northern Minnesota, we were pretty excited to get riding again. First thing we did was hook up the... Continue reading

  • Packing and Planning

    Packing and Planning

    Hello hello—today we are brimming with excitement over our upcoming Florida trip! Mainly to give our Elefants and moto trailer (it still needs a name, we were thinking ‘Green Submarine’... Continue reading