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Its time for a quick update as we’ve been progressing slowly but have little to show for it yet (at least it seems like it). Our passports are still out for visa’s so we can’t leave anyway (yay!, makes me feel like i’m still on schedule…i’m not).

Anyway weve been working on fabricating racks and mounts and…were almost nearing completion of that step.  Our racks and crashbars are all integrated into existing mounts for the bike and also in to each other for added strength with little weight gain.  We hope in the end this design pans out…to be forseen.


Front crash bars and rear rack with quick release locking mounting system all integrated through a central mount point mid bike.

Furthermore, we are working on rebuilding and integrating the whole electrical system on the bike.  We are adding a PDM60 electrical management to the mix for fused items like heated grips, chargers, lights etc… We are also adding extra headlight relays for maximum lights along with the upgraded (older 1989 FZR 600) headlight housings.  Adding a relay for the ignition power run off the kill switch and simple upgrades light trailer light harnesses, larger starting wire, new weather pack connectors, etc…


Almost finished electrical harness needing new covering with new reg/rec, PDM60, extra relays, new larger wires and fuses, trailer harness, upgraded headlight wiring etc…

Also we’ve been busy trying to get the 94 Fant on its own feet (success) by rebuilding the forks and placing the new rear shock with all new suspension bearings pressed into the linkages.  Cleaned up the brakes and prep the frame for electrical, extra mounts and strengthening and eventually the rest of the small details.


BM rear shocks built just for me from Elefant Adventure Bikes. Should be much better than the stock shock which needs some serious help. Bike is on two wheels now though which is better than a million pieces!

More fun pictures and progress to follow.  Keep checking back at the site for current updates on where were at and what state our Elefants are in!


The shop is a bit of a mess but things are coming along!





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