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Britt holding up the wooden bulkhead for our trailer after we successfully burned our logo into it using a pattern we cut out of gasket material and a butane torch.

Hello Everyone!

We would like to thank everyone for following our website and progress. This adventure we are close to embarking on has been years in the making. Making it happen was easy at the beginning, it was just a decision to take the step toward our goal. But since then it has become what we could call a labor of love. It’s a ton of work both mental and physical and at times seems totally draining, but it’s worth it in the end.


Ehren’s engine is 90% finished.. the only thing keeping it is waiting for the shims for the valve lifters to come in the mail. After that, we can finally rebuild his bike and give it a test run!


Our powder coated bars and racks are finished! They turned out awesome! Many thanks to the ODC in Bemidji for making it happen.


We cut, sanded and spar varnished our shelving and flooring for the trailer!


Remy gives us moral support while we toil away in the shop.


We even managed to sell something! Britt spends a few moments with a beloved bike (a 2001 KTM Adventure 640) before the shipper arrives.

Finishing up work on our trailer, and as always are still waiting for parts (from Italy usually). We’ve got some new video content up, and we’re learning fast how to do video editing.. mostly that it’s time consuming and fantastic when it comes together. We are not the most photogenic people nor the most comfortable talking on video, but we’re working on that too. I guess you could call it practice for when we’re on the road. The following videos posted today are from earlier in October:

We should have some more exciting updates in a matter of a couple weeks, possibly a running bike to play with for now. Hopefully we don’t get it running as soon as the snow falls, which sounds like it might be holding off a little bit. We’ll have to keeping on working and see.

— Ehren and Brittany


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